On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF)

About 45,000 on-site wastewater treatment systems are installed annually in Texas to treat wastewater from rural and suburban homes as well as from small businesses. An on-site wastewater treatment system collects, treats and applies wastewater to the soil.

By definition, wastewater managed by an on-site system cannot leave the property where it is generated. The water can evaporate into the air, transpire though plants or move though the soil to groundwater. An effective on-site system removes wastewater from the home, treats and distributes the wastewater, and protects our water resources.

Selecting the appropriate system for the site conditions is critical to the system's success. If you select the wrong system or design, or install, operate or maintain the system improperly, it can fail, which could result in pollution of your property and that of others. You could also be fined.

Because homeowners are responsible for conducting or contracting for maintenance of a system, they should be involved in selecting the technology, or type of system used.