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The Texas legislature passed a law (HB 1875) in 1987 to regulate on-site sewage facility (OSSF) systems statewide. The law allowed regional and local governments – such as counties, cities, river authorities and special districts – to implement and enforce on-site sewage regulations with approval and oversight by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).


Although the state law has since been modified and expanded, its basic intent remains: The state sets minimum standards, and local authorities can adopt more stringent rules if the TCEQ approves them.


Comal County Rules for OSSF


Intergovernmental Agreements

City of Bulverde

City of Fair Oaks Ranch

City of Garden Ridge

City of Schertz

City of Spring Branch


State Rules for OSSF


Texas Health and Safety Code Section 366.051 - Permits

Texas Water Code Section 7.173 - Violation Relating To Sewage Disposal



Texas Administrative Code 285


Subchapter A -


Subchapter B -


Subchapter C -



Subchapter D -


Subchapter E -


Subchapter F -



Subchapter G -


Subchapter H -


Subchapter I -

General Provisions (§285.1-8)


Local Administration of the OSSF Program (§285.10-11)


Commission Administration of the OSSF Program in Areas Where No Local Administration Exists (§285.20-21)


Planning, Construction and Installation Standards for OSSFs (§285.30-39)


Special Requirements for OSSFs Located in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone (§285.40)


Registration, Certification And/or Training Requirements for Installers, Apprentices, Site Evaluators or Designated Representatives (§285.50-63)


OSSF Enforcement (§285.70)


Treatment and Disposal of Greywater (§285.80)


Appendices: Figures and Tables (§285.90-91)



Additional Regulation Information


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