Environmental Health

Water Pollution Abatement Plans (WPAP)


According to Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 285.41, an Edwards Aquifer protection plan, as defined by TAC Chapter 213, shall be approved by the appropriate regional office before an authorization to construct may be issued for an OSSF by a permitting authority.  Due to this rule, Comal County asked the TCEQ for all WPAP approval letters for developments within Comal County.  The Comal County Engineer’s Office has made available electronic versions of these approval letters on the CCEO website.  In addition, copies of the applications are available at the Comal County Engineer’s Office.






0.620 of an acre of land near New Braunfels High School (Knippa Veterinary Clinic)

3215 River Road (Jenkines Parking Lot)

6441 Hwy 46 W



A & P Industrial Park

AC Mine

Amman Road Construction

Angel Brothers at Wald Road

Antique Rose Emporium

Auto Zone No 3679

Avalon Lakes



Bank of America

Battle Intense Crossing

Bear Creek Hills Units 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8

Beck Homestead Subdivision

Beck Ranch Tract 14 Unit 2

Beito Medical Office Building

Berryman Tract - State Hwy 46 & US Hwy 281

Blieders Creek Commercial

Boulder Springs, LLC

Bracken United Methodist Church Multipurpose Building

Broadway National Bank - Oak Run Branch

Bulverde Air Park

Bulverde Bexar Vet Clinic

Bulverde Community Park

Bulverde Community Park - Modification 10-07-11

Bungy Over Texas - Preiss Heights Subdivision



Canham Ranch

Capitol Aggregates, Inc. Solms Operations

Casitas on the Guadalupe, The (full)

Casitas on the Guadalupe, The

Cavern Oaks Subdivision

Central Texas Allergy and Asthma

Central Texas Pain Center 03-11-08

Chemical Lime Company 02-11-08

Christ Our King Anglican Church

Christian Brothers Automotive

Cibolo Creek Church

Cibolo Creek Community Church

Cibolo Materials 09-26-01

Cibolo Materials Gravel Quarry

Cibolo Materials - Modification 09-26-01

Cibolo Trails Subdivision

Cibolo Trails - Modification 07-03-09

CISD Hoffman Lane Elementary School 04-26-00

CISD Hoffman Lane Elementary School - Modification 06-17-03

CISD Hoffman Lane Elementary School - Modification 10-09-09

CISD Johnson Ranch Elementary School 11-12-07

CISD Johnson Ranch Elementary School 06-04-09

CISD Oliver Ranch

Clay's Landing

CM2 Subdivision

Comal County - Dry Comal Creek - Flood Retarding Structure

Comal County Estates

Comal County Engineer's Office

Comal County Justice of the Peace Office - Precinct 3

Comal County Road Department

Comal County Road Department - Modification 01-02-07

Comal County Road Department - Modification 08-06-14

Copper Ridge

Country Estates Subdivision

Country Living Estates Subdivision

Countryside Tower Site

Countryside Vet Clinic

CPS Energy Bulverde Substation

CPS Green Mountain Substation

CVS Pharmacy 10947



Dean Word Company

Doherty Lot #1 - 1418 Hueco Springs Loop Road

Doherty Lot #2 - 1476 Hueco Springs Loop Road

Dr. Marshall K. Warren Dental Office

Dr. Wofford Office

Dry Comal Creek Vineyards

Dyno Nobel Site 03-01-00



Eden Home - for the Aged 04-19-88

Eden Home - Eden Village 05-06-97

Eden Home - Parking Edition & Chapel - Modification 08-10-99

Eden Home - Expansion 10-09-06

Eden Home - dba Eden Hills - Modification 10-14-13

Eden Home - Eden Hill Lakeview Site Private Park 10-22-14

Eden Ranch Development (full)

Eden Ranch Development

Emerald Cottages

Enclave at Westpointe Village, The

Endeavor Healthcare at Hunter's Creek

Ervendberg Condos

Estates at Stone Crossing

Existing City Public Service Utility Sites Located on Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone

Express Oil Change



F.C.S. Fischer - 9 Acre Tract

Fabian Heights (aka Oak Bluff Estates)

Fair Oaks Ranch, Unit 13

Farmco No. 18, Retail Facility - Convenience Store

First Commercial Bank of Seguin

FM 1863 Gravel Pit Fill

FM 2722 - 5 Acre Tract

FM 2722 - 5 Acre Tract attachments

FM 306 at Hunter Road

FM 306 Sections 4-7 (TxDOT)

Forest at Garden Ridge Unit IV

Frausto Residence

Freedom Fellowship Church Project Number 1257.00 - Prelim 07-26-99

Freedom Fellowship Church - Modification 05-01-12

Freedom Fellowship Church - Modification 07-31-14



Gardens of Hunter's Creek

Gruene Cypress Rapids (Miss Nessa's Bakery)

Gruene Cypress Rapids Residential Subdivision

Gruene Haven

Gruene Rapids Condominiums

Gruene River Cabins

Gruene River Resort

Gruene River Resort & Event Center



Hanson Aggregates West Servtex Facility

Harmon Ranch

Havenwood at Hunter's Crossing

Heritage Business Park

Heritage Business Park - Modification 11-06-02

Hidden Oaks Unit 3 Roadway

Homestead Oaks Subdivision

Hueco Estates Subdivision Unit One

Hunt Residence

Hunter Quarry II

Hunter's Creek Business Park

Hunter's Creek Business Park Lot 1A

Hunter's Creek Business Park Lot 9

Hunter's Creek Business Park Lot 10

Hunter's Creek Business Park Lot 14

Hunter's Creek Subdivision Unit 6

Hunter's Creek Subdivision Unit 8

Hunter's Creek Subdivision Unit 9

Hunter's Creek Subdivision Unit 10

Hunter's Creek Subdivision Unit 11 P.N. 741.00

Hunter's Creek Subdivision Unit 11 P.N. 872.00

Hunter's Creek Subdivision Unit 12

Hunter's Village - Shell Building

Hwy 281 - Bulverde Road Quarry





Jentsch Acres Extension Lots 59A & 59B

Jerry's Too

Johnson Ranch

Johnson Ranch Subdivision

Johnson Residence

Jin's Bed and Biscuit Pet Resort

JMT Office Complex



Kensing Iron Works, Inc.

KHCR Professional Building

Kirkwood Manor 03-04-09

Kirkwood Manor Expansion

Kirkwood Manor Expansion, Project Number 1281.00

Kirkwood Manor - Modification 03-04-09

Kirkwood Unit 2



La Fontana Springs

Ladera Canyon Residential Subdivision

Lake Ridge at Canyon Lake

Laurel Heights Units 4, 5, & 6

Lewis Ranch Subdivision Unit 1

Lewis Ranch Subdivision Units 2 & 3

Living Rock Academy

Lonestar Quarry

Loop 337 & California Blvd.

Loop 337 & California Blvd. with atts

Loop 337 at Ridge Hill 10-14-2011 (expired)

Loop 337 at Ridge Hill 06-01-2015

Lori Heights Subdivision

Lucky Seven Subdivision



Manor Creek Community Center

Manor Creek Subdivision

Manor Creek Subdivision Units 4 through 6

Manor Creek Subdivision - Modification 12-11-15

Manor Creek Subdivision - Exception 04-06-16

Manor Creek Subdivision - Tschirhart Ranch

Martin Marietta Materials - Hunter Quarry

Martin Marietta Materials - New Braunfels Quarry

McAlister's Deli

Midtex Oil Company - Pit Stop No. 7

Midtex Oil Company - Pit Stop No. 14

Midtex Oil Company - Pit Stop No. 14 - Modification 09-11-95

Mission Forest Unit 3 Lots 6 & 11

Mission Hill Handgun Range

Mission Hills Subdivision

Mission Hills Subdivision - Modification 05-13-03

Mission Ridge Subdivision

Mission Springs

Mystic Shores Unit 2 North Side

Mystic Shores Unit 5 & Peninsula at Mystic Shores Unit 1



Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns - Modification 9-21-12

Natural Bridge Caverns and Wildlife Ranch Road Widening

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

NBISD - High School Additions and Renovations

NBISD - High School Field House

NBISD - High School Field House - Modification 08-04-08

NBISD - High School Library

NBISD - High School Obstacle Course

NBISD - Oak Run Middle School

NBISD - Oak Run Middle School - Modification 07-22-11

NBISD - Oak Run School

NBISD - Oak Run School - Modification 02-03-10

New Braunfels Christian Academy

New Braunfels Christian Academy - Modification 10-25-13

New Braunfels Church of Christ 07-18-06 (Expired)

New Braunfels Church of Christ 01-22-10

New Braunfels Quarry (Brauntex) at Wald Rd. and Landa St.

New Braunfels Quarry (Holcim) at FM 482

New Braunfels Pediatrics

Newcombe Tennis Ranch Unit 4

Newk's Tennis Ranch - Residential Subdivision

Newk's Tennis Ranch - Unit 2 SCS Modification

Newk's Tennis Ranch - Conference Center Addition

Newk's Tennis Ranch - Dormitory and Cafeteria

Newk's Tennis Ranch - Housing Addition

Nextel Communications, Inc.

North Gruene STX

North Walnut Avenue Widening



Oak Bluff Estates Unit 3

Oak Bluff Estates Unit 4

Oak Run

Oak Run Commercial Reserve 2

Oak Run Commercial Reserve Unit 11

Oak Run Commercial Unit 2

Oak Run Commercial Unit 9

Oak Run Commercial Unit 2B

Oak Run Pedestrian Bridge

Oaks Subdivision

Oaktree Assisted Living Facility

Oakwood Baptist Church Project Number 1085

Oakwood Baptist Church Expansion

Oakwood Baptist Church Expansion 2

Oakwood Baptist Church Expansion 3

Oakwood Baptist Church Sewer Line & Force Main

Oakwood Estates

Oakwood Estates - Commercial Project 834

Oakwood Estates - Commercial Project 837

Oakwood Estates - Commercial Subdivision Unit 1

Oakwood Estates - Commercial Subdivision Unit 1 Lot 1B

Oakwood Estates - Commercial Unit 1

Oakwood Estates - Commercial Unit 4 Lots 5 & 6

Oakwood Estates Unit 13

Oakwood Estates Unit 19

Oakwood Garden Homes

Oakwood Garden Homes Unit 12

Oakwood Subdivision Units 1, 2, & 3

Oakwood Unit 11

Olmos Construction - US 281 at Cibolo Creek

Orion Subdivision Unit 1

Orion Subdivision Unit 2



Papa’s Car Wash

Park Place 4 RV's

Pinnacle Subdivision, Project Number 1068

Preiss Heights Unit 2

Preserve, The

Prodigy Learning Center

Pedernales Electric Cooperative - Purgatory Road Substation





Ramble Ridge

Ramble Ridge - Modification 09-03-13

Ramming Six

Ranch Subdivision

Ranches of Comal

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union

Regency Oaks Subdivision Unit 2

Residences at Westpointe, The

Riada Drive Subdivision Lot 11A

Riada Subdivision

Riada Subdivision Lot 12A Block 1 Unit 1

Riverwoods (Riverforest) Subdivision, Project Number 1030

River Chase Business Park Unit 1

River Chase Park

River Chase Subdivision, Project Number 1124

River Chase Unit 4

River Chase Units 5, 6, 7 & 8

River Chase Units 9 & 10

River Oaks

River Oaks Subdivision

River Oaks Subdivision Unit 1

River Oaks Subdivision Unit 2

River Oaks Unit 1

River Place at Gruene

River Valley at Fair Oaks Ranch

Rockfield RV Park

Rockwall Ranch Subdivision

Rolling Oaks Subdivision

Rover's Retreat Subdivision

R & H No. 2 - Commercial Development

R & H No. 2 - Commmercial Development - Modification 01-26-06



Sac N Pac Store No. 604

Sage Capital Bank (Hunter's Creek Business Park Lot 2)

Schoenthal Ranch, Re-Subdivision of Tract 1 Unit 1

Schoenthal Ranch Unit 4 Lots 15A & 15B

Schoenthal Road Construction

Servtex Quarry - Worley/Heitkamp Tracts

SH 46 FM 2722 Improvements East of Sun Valley Road

SH 46 FM 2722 Improvements at Intersection with FM 2722

SH 46 FM 2722 Improvements at Kerlick Lane to David Jonas Drive

Setterfeld Estates

Settlement at Gruene

Sierra 2 Units 1 & 2

Singing Hills

Sirizzotti 40-acre Tract

Skyridge Re-Subdivision

Skyridge Subdivision

Sonic Drive In - New Braunfels

Sonny's Woods Subdivision

Star Canyon - Modification 03-25-09

Star Canyon Subdivision East of FM 2722

Star Canyon Subdivision West of FM 2722

Star Canyon Wastewater Treatment Facility

Sterling House No. 4

Stolz, Eric dba Texas Vintage Trailer

Stor-Haus Self Storage

Stor-Haus Self Storage - Modification 04-04-2014

Sullinger Subdivision

Summit Extension

Summit Subdivision

Sunshine Day Care



Taco Bell

Tejas Rodeo Culvert Project

T Bar M

T Bar M - Cabin and Tennis Courts

T Bar M - Cabin, Sport Court and Meeting Facility

T Bar M - Camp Improvements

T Bar M - Conf Room, Country Inn & Sunday House Cabins

T Bar M - Country Inn

T Bar M - Modification 07-29-08

T Bar M - Project Number 1096

T Bar M - Ranch Estates

T Bar M - Restaurant Building

T Bar M - Riverside Pool

T Mobile Hammer

Terrigal Park Estates Subdivision

Tetco #210 - Phase 1 and 2

Texas Country Estates Units 1 & 2

Trinity Well Field

TSS Commercial

Tuscan Ridge Subdivision

Tuscan Ridge Subdivision - Modification 01-05-05

TxDOT FM 1863 Improvements

TxDOT SH 46 at FM 2722 Improvements

TxDOT SH 46 FM 2722 Modification

TxDOT SH 46 Sun Valley to FM 2722

Tx Vets Land Board



Uecker Tract Unit 1.pdf

US 281 at SH 46 Bulverde



Verizon Wireless Cell Tower, FM 1863

Vickery Grove PUD Modification

Village of Bulverde

Village of Garden Ridge

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard Canyon Estates

Vintage Oaks At the Vineyard The Hills

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard The Reserve

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard Unit 1

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard Unit 1 - Modification 12-03-07

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard Unit 2

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard Unit 3

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard Unit 5

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard Unit 7

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard Unit 8

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard Unit 9

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard WWTF



Wagner Materials Quarry Fill Project

Walgreens New Braunfels 3

Walgreens New Braunfels 3 - Modification 10-20-14

Walnut Hills Subdivision

Wash Tub, The

Wells Residence

Western PCS


Westpointe Village

Westpointe Village Chase Bank

Westpointe Village Chick Fil A

Westpointe Village Chick Fil A Modification

Westpointe Village Discount Tire

Westpointe Village Lots 2 - 5

Westpointe Village Phase II

Westpointe Village Schlotzsky’s

Westpointe Village HEB Parking Lot Expansion - Modification 10-20-14

Westpointe Village Self Storage

Westpointe Village Self Storage - Modification 04-13-15

Westpointe Village Whataburger Project

Westpointe Village Unit 3

Whitewater Resort (formerly Guadalupe River Club Unit 3)

Wiley Road

Woodlands of Garden Ridge, The - Modification 080713

Word, Tim - Cellular Antenna Tower

Wuensch Dental Office