Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a physical address?

Preliminary addresses can be found using our Online GIS Viewer. To display the addresses, zoom in to the area that you are interested in and check the box next to "Address" in the layers list. This will display the addresses for each lot. These addresses are only preliminary, therefore, for final verification of addresses please contact the address coordinator.

To request an address please fill out the Address Request Form and send it to the Address Coordinator:

Holly Braun
Phone:  (830) 608-2090
Fax:      (830) 608-2009

What is a 911 address?

A 911 address is the physical location of a property that can easily be found in case of an emergency. Every structure needs to be addressed for this purpose. If you do not have a physical address at this time, you need to contact the Comal County Address Coordinator so an address can be issued.

What do I do after my 911 address is issued?

Please display this address where it is visible from the road with 6" or larger reflective numbers so emergency personnel can easily locate your property should there be an emergency. Please check with your local post office before using this new address for mailing purposes. If you are currently using a post office box for mailing purposes, your mailing address will not change. In this case, the address assigned by the address coordinator will be used for location purposes only.

Are there any fees or charges for getting an address?

No, there are no fees for requesting an address.

Does Comal County install mailboxes?

Comal County does not install or provide assistance for putting in a post or mailbox for mailing purposes. You can find the items needed to install a mailbox at a local hardware store or home center.

Where can I get numbers to display my address?

You can find letters and numbers for your mailbox or residence at your local hardware store or home center. When putting address numbers on your residence, please display your address where it is visible from the road. Use 6" or larger reflective numbers so emergency personnel can easily locate your property should there be an emergency.

How can I get an address for a residence that is within the city limits?

You can use our Online GIS Viewer, fill out an address request form, e-mail, fax or call the address coordinator at the Comal County Engineer's Office.

Who will furnish road/street signs?

Road signs for public and private roads/streets are maintained and provided by Comal County. If you see that a road/street sign is knocked down or is missing, please call the Comal County Road Department at (830) 608-2090 so they can take care of the problem in a timely manner.

How do I get a private road sign?

In order to get a private road named, there must be at least two residences on the property using the same entrance road. You will need to request a name for the private road, then it has to be approved by Comal County, Bexar Metro 911 and the U. S. Postal Service. When everything has been approved by all parties, the county will then put up the sign.