Floodplain Regulation

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    Development within the Regulatory Floodplain is monitored by the Comal County Floodplain Administrator through the enforcement of the Comal County Flood Damage Prevention Order. The main component of this regulation is the issuance of Floodplain Development Permits.  Permits can be obtained and processed at the Comal County Engineer’s Office in one visit, as long as the required information is submitted.  Permit applications and directions are on this website in the applications and forms section.


    Comal County has its share of flooding problems and it is definitely worth your while to contact the Comal County Engineer’s Office when buying property or building structures. Spend a few minutes up front instead of spending the rest of your days worrying every time it rains or cleaning up every time your home floods.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Comal County Engineer's Office at 830-608-2090.


    Comal County Floodplain Administrator

    The Comal County Floodplain Administrator reviews designs submitted to the County, and verifies property location on floodplain maps. FEMA maps are used to determine property location in various zones and floodways. If you're building in the floodplain, you MUST get a floodplain permit from Comal County.


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