Flood of 2002

Total Rainfall for the Flood of 2002


Total Rainfall


Astonishing Results of Canyon Lake

The following graph shows the actual lake level, and the rapid rise during the flooding event of 2002, with the green line representing the spillway height, water flowed over the spillway at 4:04pm on the 4th of July, and continued as long as lake levels exceeded the 943 elevation.

Canyon Lake Level


Canyon Lake prevented flows of up to 125,000 cubic feet per second heading into New Braunfels, according to the following graph from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Note the Flow on July 5, 2002 without Canyon Lake exceeding 125,000 cfs. With Canyon Lake, the flow in New Braunfels was held at less than 70,000 cfs. An estimated $38.6 Million in damages were prevented.

Flow into New Braunfels


Aerial Photos of Canyon Lake During the Flood of 2002 - July 10, 2002

On July 10, 2002 the water flowed over the spillway at approximately 1 foot depth and at a speed of 6600 cubic feet per second. Canyon Lake was at 944.41 feet above sea level. Aerial photos taken by Comal County Engineer Tom Hornseth aboard a DPS helicopter.

Aerial Photos of Canyon Lake


Damage to River Road - July 16, 2002

Pictures of River Road Damage


Damage to South Access Road Area

Pictures of South Access Rd Damage


A Pictorial Journey Through the Gorge

You are invited to relax and take an incredible pictorial journey through the spillway canyon with Tom Hornseth, Comal County Engineer as he surveys the damage left by flooding from Canyon Lake. These photos were taken on 9/26/2002 on a descending trip from the Spillway down to South Access Road and the amazing ascent back to the top.

Pictures of Gorge


Other Pictures from the Flood of 2002

Pictures of Other Damage


Rebuilding South Access Road

Rebuilding South Access Rd