Comal County GIS

These interactive maps are for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes, they do not represent an on-the-ground survey and represents only the approximate relative location of property boundaries. Use of the GIS Applications releases the County of Comal of any and all liability.

Should you require assistance using the Online GIS Viewers, please email, call (830) 608-2090 or download a help document.


Interactive Web Maps


MCCEO Main GIS Viewer

GIS Interactive Map

Comal County GIS layers provide information you can search, identify and print. Locate county maintained roads, addresses, subdivisions, property information and more.


Permit Search

Permit Search

Search for Septic, Floodplain, PIPROW and Utlity permits.


Comal County Road Map

County Roads

Locate county maintained roads, farm roads, highways, streets and intersections.


Low Water Crossings

Low Water Crossings

Real-time status of Comal County road closures at low-water crossings. As little as 12 inches of water can be enough to float a 3000-pound car and sweep it off the road, and water depth across roads can be difficult to judge. When roads are closed; turn around, don't drown.


Comal County Boat Ramp Map

Boat Ramps

Locate and view status of county maintained boat ramps.


County precincts


Comal County is divided into multiple voting precincts. These precincts determine where you vote and who you can vote for in different elected positions. Additional information can be found at the Comal County Voting and Elections Information website.


Comal County Platting Jurisdiction

Platting Jurisdiction

Comal County regulates the division of land through the Comal County Subdivision Regulations. In general, all divisions of property are required to be approved by the County and have plats prepared.


Comal County ESDs

Emergency Service Districts

Texas Emergency Service Districts (ESDs) are diverse in size, shape and service delivery. Comal County ESDs may differ due to population density, natural barriers, transportation areas and legislation.


Comal County Recreation


Recreational activities in Comal County include the use of our birding and hiking trails, boat ramps, sports and nature parks and more. We offer a variety of natural recreational spaces to explore!


Comal County Schools


Comal County is a fast-growing and innovative school district. Academics, fine arts and athletics are emphasized at both CISD and private campuses located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.