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**Scanned versions of permits issued between January 1, 2012 and August 1, 2018 are not currently available online. For these documents, please contact the Comal County Engineer’s Office.
If looking for a specific permit, please contact the Comal County Engineer’s Office at 830-608-2090 or by email
19 Permits Found
PDF Map Permit # Address Inspection Type Inspector Installer
PDF Document Map 10837730806 ACACIA PASSSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 1093661270 HIDDEN VALLEY DRSEPTICBrenda RitzenRichard Reddout
PDF Document Map 109378273 RIGHT FORKSEPTICBrenda RitzenDannny Beck
PDF Document Map 1092111944 LAKESHORE DRSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 109254207 SUMMER HILLSEPTICBrenda RitzenPeter Varhol Construction
PDF Document Map 1090381313 INDIAN RDGSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 108516801 RESEARCHSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 108036102 CIELO VISTASEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
'N/A*' Map 1077142150 SIERRA MADRESEPTICJames ConnorPaul Swoyer Septics
PDF Document Map 1093063819 FM 1101SEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 108124115 STEEPLECHASESEPTICBrenda RitzenPaul Swoyer Septics
PDF Document Map 1092361140 PINON PASSSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 1084876820 SPRING BRANCH RDSEPTICBrenda RitzenD.A.D. Services, Inc.
PDF Document Map 1091714144 SUMMIT HURSTSEPTICBrenda RitzenVirginia Castro
'N/A*' Map 1076241097 HILLCREST FORESTSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 109170486 CURVATURASEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 109120495 HILLTOP RDGSEPTICBrenda RitzenVirginia Castro
PDF Document Map 109228310 BUCKEYE TRLSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 109345256 TOUCAN DRSEPTICJames ConnorTyler B Mason

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