Inspection Search Results for 08/16/2018

* Inspection Time Posted after 9:15 AM

**Scanned versions of permits issued between January 1, 2012 and August 1, 2018 are not currently available online. For these documents, please contact the Comal County Engineer’s Office.
If looking for a specific permit, please contact the Comal County Engineer’s Office at 830-608-2090 or by email
17 Permits Found
PDF Map Permit # Address Inspection Type Inspection Time Inspector Installer
'N/A*' Map 107705504 COPPER CRESTFirst Inspection 10:00AMMike ToepperweinN/A
'N/A*' Map 106891858 RIVERFOREST DRFirst Inspection 10:30AMJames ConnorN/A
'N/A*' Map 1071901452 MERLOTFinal Construction Inspection 10:45AMMike ToepperweinN/A
'N/A*' Map 106851707 CACTUS CREEK DRFinal Construction Inspection 11:00AMJames ConnorN/A
'N/A*' Map 107840184 BRIANFirst Inspection 11:15AMMike ToepperweinN/A
'N/A*' Map 1066332305 CONNIE DRFinal Construction Inspection 11:30AMJames ConnorAerobic Maintenance by Carl Eoff Services
'N/A*' Map 1077572006 MOUNTAIN FORESTFirst Inspection 11:45AMMike ToepperweinN/A
'N/A*' Map 107155527 CINDY DRSecond Inspection 11:45AMJames ConnorAerobic Maintenance by Carl Eoff Services
'N/A*' Map 107616242 FREEDOM STFirst Inspection 12:45PMJames ConnorN/A
'N/A*' Map 1075237590 OLD SPRING BRANCH RDFirst Inspection 12:45PMMike ToepperweinN/A
'N/A*' Map 107615423 STARLING PASSFirst Inspection 1:15PMJames ConnorN/A
'N/A*' Map 107438155 MACAW LNFinal Construction Inspection 1:30PMJames ConnorPaul Swoyer Septics
'N/A*' Map 1054001040 RIDGE OAKS DRFinal Construction Inspection 1:45PMMike ToepperweinVan Delden Wastewater Systems
'N/A*' Map 1065451884 TANGLEWOOD TRLFinal Construction Inspection 2:00PMJames ConnorN/A
'N/A*' Map 1065941908 TANGLEWOOD TRLFinal Construction Inspection 2:15PMJames ConnorN/A
'N/A*' Map 1062888234 SHINING ELKFirst Inspection 2:45PMMike ToepperweinN/A
'N/A*' Map 1074128227 SHINING ELKFirst Inspection 3:00PMMike ToepperweinN/A

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