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**Scanned versions of permits issued between January 1, 2012 and August 1, 2018 are not currently available online. For these documents, please contact the Comal County Engineer’s Office.
If looking for a specific permit, please contact the Comal County Engineer’s Office at 830-608-2090 or by email
16 Permits Found
PDF Map Permit # Address Inspection Type Inspector Installer
PDF Document Map 1088892728 GOLF DRSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 108563176 RED ROSE STSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 1084712335 GENESEO OAKSSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 1084651027 DIRETTO DRSEPTICBrenda RitzenPaul Swoyer Septics
'N/A*' Map 107771143 ASHLEY LNSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 107461132 EMILY LNSEPTICBrenda RitzenDavid Winters Septics/Garrett Construction
PDF Document Map 108569422 QUEST AVESEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
'N/A*' Map 101424150 TALISMAN DRSEPTICBrenda RitzenDavid Owens - Homeowner
'N/A*' Map 1031454451 STATE HWY 46 WSEPTICBrenda RitzenDavid Winters Septics, LLC
PDF Document Map 108941441 CIMARRONSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 108162459 CURVATURASEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 108478659 CIMARRONSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 10796532276 SMITHSON VALLEY RDSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
PDF Document Map 108940421 CIMARRONSEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A
'N/A*' Map 10387618230 BRACKEN DRSEPTICBrenda RitzenTommy Garay
PDF Document Map 10815914501 FM 306SEPTICBrenda RitzenN/A

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